David & Clare Rozzell

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Photograph of David Rozzell wearing a OOO-18 acoustic guitar, stood next to Clare Rozzell leaning on a double bass.

Husband and wife, David and Clare Rozzell, have been blending British and Transatlantic folk into a sound of their own for more than 20 years.

Photograph of David Rozzell wearing a OOO-18 acoustic guitar, stood next to Clare Rozzell leaning on a double bass.

We are very excited to announce that our first release as a duo, Museum Of The Missing, will be available on all digital platforms from Thursday 29th February and available for Pre-Order and Pre-Save from Thursday 22nd February! If you've listened to the podcast the song was written for and is featured on, you'll know the significance of the date of release, if not, you'll find a a link to the podcast on our 'Links' page, or you can look up Museum Of The Missing by Claire Waller, on your favourite podcast platform, or search engine and all will be revealed.


FATEA Magazine: A very strong, immediately identifiable sound courtesy of David's forthright singing style, which when allied to Clare's more traditional dual harmony voice is a potent and engaging force. Well written songs, played with passion and no little musical panache.

The Famous Willows Folk Club: Brilliant. Awesome vocal harmonies. Lighting up the room with the power and passion of their performance.

Janet Hansen - (3 Grammy award-winning campaigns.): David has a moving, honest expression engendering a true listening experience. One wants and needs to hear the story he's telling. Clare complements him with beautifully rich harmonies as she keeps things grounded on double bass. Incredible harmonies, expertly crafted songs, and fine acoustic musicianship. When listening to this CD you’re suddenly reminded of all that is real and true in you.

Darren's Music Blog (Darren Sanders): [David] clearly has a fine ear for melody as well as being a forthright lyricist – with themes covering war, love, depression, politics and poverty amongst others. It’s not all sharply-observed social commentary, however. A couple nod to more pastoral themes in the folk tradition. ‘Toast The Harvest’ was written for Ely Cathedral’s harvest service, while ‘The Oak King Rises’ was originally written for a local pagan yule ceremony. David Rozzell’s deep, rich vocal delivery is not unlike Fairport’s Simon Nicol’s.

Dai Jeffries - Folking.com: David Rozzell has a mighty voice and a real talent as a songwriter.

Slim Chance: Topics ranging from the poetic - I’ll Not Seek Pardon, Born To Be Free, Toast The Harvest - to a more prosaic protest song like Truth and Democracy. Occasionally we even get some black humor, like the sing-along There’s No Food In My Bowl. But the biggest highlights are the two ballads on offer; The Words You Can't Find and The Oak King Rises are both sure to leave a lump in your throat.

Didmarton Festival: Quietly came and blew audiences away with their beautifully crafted original material and harmony singing. Clare and David Rozzell, just deliver, without fuss but with complete confidence. Absolutely fabulous music!